The Sacred, The Profane

The sacred, the profane,
One in the same,
But not always:
In the beginning,
Glaciers receded, and land divided from the great waters.
Waters rushed river banks, carved canyons,
Settled into seas, lakes, and greater lakes.
Five of these great lakes pooled in one area of the world, old.
Waters flow from one lake to another until they explode over a great cliff.
Eagles fly high through the spray, peering down, diving, clawing fish.
In the day, the sun shoots through the spray, arcs into a rainbow.
In the nights, the moon lights the waters path over great rocks
And down the turbulent silver river.
Indians, native to this majestic site, revered, nurtured the land,
And from its waters were abundantly fed.
This was their life, sacred.
In the world, new, helium balloons by day invade the sky;
And helicopters buzz where eagles once flew.
By nights, bright lights, artificial, illuminate controlled flowed water.
The masses of millions fill tall hotels, gamble in casinos, shop stores,
And explore commercial carnivals, museums and festivals.
Tourist gawk at tightrope walkers and daredevils in barrels
Risking their lives for the crowed’s amusement.
This is their life, profane.
* * *
My poem express my feelings about one of North America’s great natural wonders.
The Seneca tribe stewarded this land and rivers for many years before the white man conquered and controlled its future. I have had the privilege to visit there once. I hope this site is on your bucket list. I assure you that you will never forget the experience as long as you live.


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Resolution Memorializing the American Indian

STATE OF OKLAHOMA2nd Session of the 52nd legislature (2010)

RESOLUTION NO. —— By: Wesselhöft


A Resolution memorializing the American Indian, celebrating the annual Red Earth Day, supporting the Sovereignty Symposium, and commemorate the opening of Oklahoma’s premier Native American Cultural Center and Museum.

WHEREAS, American Indians long lived and prospered in organized societies, developing their own forms of government for millennia before contact with Europeans; and

WHEREAS, Native Americans have stewarded, protected and maintained a natural ecological balance on the North American continent for thousands of years; and

WHEREAS, tribal cultures demonstrated some of the basic democratic philosophies that would later be embodied in the United States Constitution; and

WHEREAS, we need to remember the contributions that our forefathers found here among the Native Americans and from which they borrowed liberally; and

WHEREAS, in colonial times, English legislation prohibited unauthorized confiscation of Indian land; and the Proclamation of 1763 appropriated the entire area west of the Appalachians to native Americans; and this policy was duly adopted by the United States; and

WHEREAS, when American Indians controlled the balance of power, first European settlers and later United States citizens were forced to consider their views, and to deal with them by treaties and other instruments; and

WHEREAS, when American Indians lost their power, they were forced by the Federal government into treaties which relinquished ownership to millions of acres of land and valuable natural resources. In exchange, the United States was to protect reserved lands, rights and resources as well as provide services to Indian people; and

WHEREAS, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 marked the beginning of a long series of coercive policies. During the westward expansion, many gruesome wars ensued and atrocities were committed by both Indians and white people; and

WHEREAS, some Indian tribes and many white people regrettably participated in the enslavement of African Americans and fought a great war to, among other issues, ensure such practices; and

WHEREAS, loosing their Civil War against the United States, some tribes regrettably lost further rights of sovereignty to certain lands; and

WHEREAS, by 1887 most Indians were forced on reservations, frequently lands which were strange to them; and

WHEREAS, the Federal government’s mistreatment of the First Peoples of this nation and destruction of traditional tribal communities and economies are among the most horrific stories in United States history; and

WHEREAS, the United States government’s Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 was a monumental step in establishing programs for the advancement of Native Americans; and

WHEREAS, citizens today regret the violence, maltreatment and neglect inflicted on Native Americans by former generations and seek Indian’s forgiveness for various injustices; and

WHEREAS, reconciliation and healing among all Americans is paramount and in the best interest of our United States; and

WHEREAS, the voices of tribal and spiritual elders in each generation reminded their people of their rightful roles and authorities as self-determining and self-governing Indian nations; and

WHEREAS, thankfully the red man endured—never as subdued in spirit as in body, and despite all the injustice and hardships, American Indian communities and cultures have survived and thrive today; and

WHEREAS, collectively Indian history is our history and should be part of our shared and remembered heritage; we should respect the aboriginal peoples and treasure the many contributions of their descendants; and

WHEREAS, when we forget great contributions to our American history—when we neglect the heroic past of the American Indian—we thereby weaken our own heritage; and

WHEREAS, American Indians are entitled to economic independence, revitalization of traditional culture, protection of legal rights and autonomy over tribal lands and nations; and

WHEREAS, every tribe and nation is special, contributing its own customs and culture and possessing its own traditions, storytelling, history, language, dress, powwows, and songs; and each tribe’s celebration of its culture is a kaleidoscope of feathers, jingle dresses, jewelry, buckskin, colorful shawls and blankets—all set to the rhythm of the same drum; and

WHEREAS, some American Indians have dark skin, others do not; some wear vestiges of their cultural or tribal apparel; others do not. Each American Indian is a unique individual and defies stereotyping or any single description; and

WHEREAS, the name “Oklahoma” literally means “red people” and Oklahoma has the second largest American Indian population of any state; and

WHEREAS, many of the 252,420 Native Americans living in Oklahoma today are descendants from the original sixty-seven tribes inhabiting Indian Territory; and

WHEREAS, thirty-nine of the American Indian tribes currently living in Oklahoma are headquartered in the state, more than any other state; and

WHEREAS, twenty-five tribal languages are still spoken in the state; and

WHEREAS, American Indian tribes in Oklahoma contribute 8 billion dollars annually to our state’s economy;

WHEREAS, chiefs, chairmen, governors and leaders from each tribal nation, as well as state leaders and federal officials meet annually in a Sovereignty Symposium, which is the only one of its kind in the United States. This Sovereignty Symposium brings leaders, Indian and non-Indian, together to work for a common cause, work to reach understandings on all sides of an issue and work to pool economic resources for a greater state; and

WHEREAS, to this day, Indian self-determination and self-government in Oklahoma and throughout the nation are strong; cultures and customs are preserved; factual history is told and taught; biographies are recorded for posterity; Native languages are instructed and passed on to new generations; arts and commerce are shared; seasonal ceremonies such as Red Earth Day are celebrated; and museums such as The Native American Cultural Center and Museum are built to provide volumes of history and literature to all and to house and preserve important paintings, sculpture, crafts and artifacts of the past and present;


THAT THE Oklahoma House of Representatives memorialize the American Indian, support the Sovereignty Symposium, celebrate Red Earth Day and commemorate the opening of Oklahoma’s premier Native American Cultural Center and Museum.

THAT a copy of this Resolution be presented to museums and distributed to the headquarters of every Indian tribe or nation in the state of Oklahoma.

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An Official Apology Needed?

(Native Americans and others, please comment. Is such an apology necessary or approprite as an official Resolution for Oklahoma or your state?))An Official Apology to Native Americans

The mistreatment of the First Peoples of this country and continent are among the most horrific stories in American history. Citizens today regret the violence, maltreatment and neglect inflicted on Native Americans by former generations and with an official apology from Oklahoma, and other states, we seek Indian’s forgiveness.

Some say, I’ve never harmed Indians; why then should my state or any state apologize? Today, we can rightfully say that we are not personally responsible for such historical injustices, but I submit that we do have corporate responsibility for evil acts of our generations.

Speaking to the faith community: If Judeo-Christians say that they have no responsibility, then they use language and concepts more akin to late Western thought than to the Eastern worldview of the Bible. “I have no responsibility,” is a mantra of individualism championed by eighteen-century Rationalism. The Hebrew and early Christian worldview and view of themselves was that of the Corporate Personality, not individualism. Their view was not “I” but we; we are the family, the tribe, the nation, and God’s people.

We can not dissociate ourselves from unpleasant history and at the same time take pride and celebrate accomplishments of our ancestors. Our history is our history, all of it!

God speaks to men and women; and they are personally responsible and answerable to him. We also find in the scripture, the concept of the solidarity and accountability of humankind as a whole, of Israel, individual nations, and of the Church. However, this corporate accountability never relieves the individual of personal responsibility to God. Collective responsibility must not be allowed to obscure the fact that in the last analysis it is the person, not the state, which must stand before the Judgment Seat.

During the reign of King David, Israel suffered a three-year famine. God informed David that the famine was because of his predecessor, King Saul, who tried to annihilate a tribe of people. David made amends with the tribe. God then answered David’s prayer and the famine ended.

The prophet Daniel said he “was praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel…” Corporate responsibility extends not just to injustices of this age but also to certain acts in history. God honors symbolic acts and ceremonies when the heart is pure. He has withheld blessings and revival when apology and repentance was not forthcoming. Such a time of repentance, reconciliation, and official apology has come for both the states and the faith community.

My House Joint Resolution (HJR000) is an official apology. This would be both symbolic for all, and healing for Native Americans. It would never make up for injustices of American and Oklahoma history. However, it is a step in the direction of reconciliation and love.

Representative Paul Wesselhöft

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Distorted Image (Women, Girls and Pornography)


Pornography is chauvinistic; and like rape, men invented it!  Pornography degrades women in the worst imaginable ways by humiliating women and girls and treating them as mere disposable objects of temporal gratification.  And it has nothing to do with love and commitment, fidelity and integrity, respect and tenderness.

Pornography is violent fantasy portrayed in various forms to include films, magazines, comic books, virtual reality games, and on the Internet, which is available to children.  Many libraries refuse to block hard-core porn sites from taxpayer purchased computers.  There will always be those who defend pornography (soft, hard or violent) as an art form or a First Amendment “right” of expression, that is, until it victimizes their mother, wife, or daughter.

Pornography exploits and dehumanizes sex.  Human beings, especially women, are treated as sex objects.  Pornography, in most cases, is preoccupied with the female anatomy; therefore, it denies humanness by fragmenting women into body parts without a mind and spirit.

Most pornography is preoccupied with female anatomy at the expense of personhood and the women’s soul, and it actually denies humanness by treating women as genitalia and reducing sex to the level of animal drive and copulation.  Pornography degrades women’s dignity, intelligence, political autonomy and personality.  It reinforces sexual stereotypes and promulgates a demeaning message about the role of women in society.  It causes men and even women to harshly compare women’s bodies with those of porn stars.

Pornography is also paradoxically anti sex.  Healthy sex is a human bonding between two people in love.  The Judeo-Christian scriptures speak of sex as making a man and a woman one flesh.  God invented sex and meant for it to flourish in a marital union. However, pornography actually robs sex of its intimacy and of its bonding mystery.  Pornography encourages (and has been the admitted reason for) physical abuse, sadomasochism, torture, incest, voyeurism, bestiality, necrophilia and humiliation of women and girls.

700,000 women and girls are sexually assaulted each year.  In our nation a woman or a girl is raped every 46 seconds.  By the time you read this article, two females will be raped.  One in three American girls will be sexually molested by age 18.

Studies state that 86% of rapists admitted viewing and reading pornography on a regular basis, and 56% of rapists admitted actual imitation of pornographic scenes in committing sex crimes.  Of 36 serial sex murderers interviewed by the FBI in 1985, 81% admitted using pornography.  One study concluded that violent sexual materials taught men to believe that women are responsible for preventing their own rape and that they should not resist a rape attack.  Pornography depicting “non-violent” rape sanctions “the rape myth” and places all girls and women at risk.

Pornography is not a victimless crime; its main target is girls and women!  Pornography promotes the victimization of women.  If you are a woman and fear being alone at night, or if you fear men’s attitudes are transformed by the images of pornography, you are already a victim of pornography.  Porn denies women’s civil rights and liberties by contributing to their harassment and subordination.

It is discouraging that few churches, synagogues and mosques are actively combating pornography, but it is shocking that feminist, and women’s organizations are so silent on an issue that attacks their very being!

No matter what your political or religious persuasion, this is a cause that must be fought first and foremost by women.  Let us hear from you.  Please join us in this winnable cultural war.


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Children of Table 34


Wardell B. Pomeroy is the author of “Boys and Sex” and Girls and Sex.”  These are two so-called “children’s” books that are recommended by the American Library Association.

Pomeroy is co-author, with Alfred C. Kinsey, of “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.”  In this book, Kinsey and Pomeroy describe their experimentation with the sexual responses of babies and children.  It is shocking to learn how these scientist experimented on young children.

(The same reaction is generated when we learned that our government sponsored radiation experimentation on African Americans.)  Science absent of ethics is frightening.


AGE    NO. OF             TIME       AGE      NO. OF                 TIME

ORGASMS      INVOLVED                    ORGASMS           INVOLVED



5 mon.          3                       ?                       11 yrs.        11                          1hr.

11 mon       10                      1 hr.                   11 yrs.        19                          1 hr.

11 mon.       14                     38 min.               12 yrs.         7                           3 hrs.

7                        9 min.                                  3                           3 min.

2 yrs.         11                      65 min.               12 yrs.         9                           2 hrs.

2.5 yrs.          4                        2 min.               12 yrs.       12                          2 hrs.

4 yrs.          6                        5 min.               12 yrs.        15                         1 hr.

4 yrs.        17                       10 hrs.                13 yrs.         7                        24 min.

4 yrs.        26                        24 hrs.               13 yrs.         8                        2.5 hrs.

7 yrs.          7                          3 hrs.               13 yrs.        9                           8 hrs.

8 yrs.          8                          2 hrs.                                  3                          70 sec.

9 yrs           7                         68 min.             13 yrs.      11                            8 hrs.

10                 9                         52 min.                               26                        24 hrs.

10               14                         24 hrs.               14 yrs.      11                           4 hrs.


Table 34.  Examples of multiple orgasms in pre-adolescent males.  Some instances of higher frequencies.

In table 34 (page 180), these scientists reveal, what many of us to be, criminal experimentation on 28 babies and children. This was done in the name of science.

When one reads table 34 and realizes that a five month old baby was sexually stimulated to orgasms and a four year old child was sexually stimulated to multiple orgasms, a moral person knows that child sexual abuse, in the name of science, was perpetrated.

Table 34 poses at least three disturbing questions: Who are the children of Table 34?  How were they chosen for experimentation?  Where are they now?

Pomeroy and Kinsey have had a major impact on sex education in schools and probably excited and influenced a generation of pedophiles.

In “Boys and Sex” (p.162), Pomeroy says, without moral criticism, that there are “boys who build up a strong emotional attachment to a particular animal and have intercourse with it whenever possible.”

This “children’s” book is in the youth section (age 11) of our library.  Any ageed child can read or check out Pomerey’s book without parental knowledge, as well as other sexually explicit “children’s” books.  I am not referring here to any adult materials, only books that are classified as children’s books.  These so-called “children’s” books are age inappropriate.  They should not have been classified as children’s books in the first place.

There is a definite agenda and a strategic goal behind these sexually explicit “children’s” books.  Their authors are trying to pre-sexualize minors and undermine parents authority on sex morals for their children.

They do this because they are elitist.  They consider themselves enlightened.  They want to fashion a society that has little or no sexual restraint. Unfortunately, their influence is strongly felt today; it will be felt into the future.





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The Triumph of the Tribe: A Manifesto

Bullets trumped arrows. We lost.

Colonial imperialist, clearing out the tall timber, could no longer dwell near existing villages—eventually one had to die a deliberate death, not the pilgrim nor the puritan. Many native to the land had to learn a new prayer, cut the hair or remain lost in a new world.

European immigrants, pressured westward, found the frontier inhospitable, fearing the native “savage”—one had to die a deliberate death, not the military nor the mountaineer, not the public nor the pioneer. Long knives grinned sharper, pierced deeper than tomahawks.

Manifest Destiny proved a more lethal doctrine than aboriginal rights, sacrosanct land and inherent sovereignty. Gifts of gin and imbibes of brandy, along with the white forked tongue, proved a more seductive taste than maze and peaceful pipes of tobacco.

Racist pale faces and their uninked policy of genocide rolled with many white wagons across rolling prairies. Bison, and those depended upon the buffalo were targeted for extinction. Bleached bones of beasts and man strewed the land.

Parchments, inked of broken treaties, were bartered for pressured concessions, quick-fix assurances, and enforced acculturation.

Lives and land were lost, lessons learned, dreams dashed, memories memorialized, all and more, remnants of a past, a place—ours.

But they are a past, not to be forgotten, but a past and a place no longer suitable or salutary to dwell on and certainly not a past or place to wallow.

Character trumped contempt. We won.

Because we survive, actually thrive and labor for a lustrous future, because we reinvigorate a vibrant culture and revitalized an old tongue out of desolation, because we constituted elective government out of disorder and despair, because we forged a practical sovereignty out of paternalistic dependence, and because we built a superior nation out of an inferior allotment—we won.

Officially, you called me to be a nation builder, yet you too, my native brothers and sisters, are nation builders. We all must be nation builders, creating a nationhood that is both sovereignly separate from, and peacefully part of the host nation.

We must actually rebuild a nation from a catastrophic loss of natural resources into a perpetual state of prosperity. We rebuild for a family, our children, and for our children’s children. We rebuild upon the scattered aches and aspirations of an indigenous nation and for the triumph of a tribe.

Our skin is dark, light or white, our eyes brown, green or blue. We are Indian. We are the native Americans.

So: Stand straight. Be brave. Preach pride. We are tribe. We are Native Americans.


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C.A.I.R & Islamic Law

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth” –Omar M. Ahmed, the first head of C.A.I.R. (Council of American Islamic Relations).

So, “highest authority in America” is one of the reasons Oklahoma passed State Question 755 to stop Sharia law from coming to Oklahoma courts! Other states should follow Oklahoma’s first example!

The unfortunate thing is that out of some 900,000 votes, 300,000 Oklahomans voted to allow our state to theoretically incorporate Sharia law into our court system! And that is shocking! C.A.I.R. has an active chapter in OKC.

I am fully aware that if one substitute the words, “Karan” for “Bible,” we have have heard similar rhetoric for Christian pastors. However, the difference is thus: It is indisputable that our nation was founded upon a Jedeo-Christian and Western consensus.  Our laws, government, and culture are saturated by Biblical values and ethics. Most Americans appreciate this historical fact.

Islamic Sharia law is so foreign, actually, so antithetical to our laws and culture! Our laws do not justify executing homosexuals, honor killing one’s daughter for dating one of another faith, beating one’s wife for disrespect, etc, etc, etc.

Some of these sharia laws are judged as immoral or evil by even secular Americans. Therefore, if allowed equal (or any footing) with our established laws, Islamic Sharia law would posse a direct threat to our laws and our way of life. And, therefore, SQ 755 is an Oklahoma model to the nation.


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