(Shakespeare on Facebook)

Before dust and time, from all eternity, the triune God existed; there was nothing else; the cosmos, the universe, did not exist.

God stood, as it were, outside of everything, which was nothing. He was everything that was and not a part of anything. He was complete and sufficient within himself.

Then God spoke ex nihilo, and something was created out of nothing! He was the first force, the first cause of everything that would come into existence. And the logos, that potent spoken word, caused a great violent explosion of gas, energy and dust particles!

Of this intensely hot explosion were the elements necessary to provoke this cosmic fire to burn brighter expanding in gravitational shock waves initially beyond the speed of light; then after thousands of years it began to slow, then cool; that rippled expansion continues to this time.

The precise quality and quantity of gravity drew this initial explosion into a collection of random sub-particles, later, ordered atoms, electrons, protons and eventually into swirling mater slung throughout empty black space.

By intelligent design through billions of years these atoms collected, gave birth to an infinite number of stars and proto stars; then planets and moons formed from the atoms, gas and dust orbiting stars; the comets and asteroids are the remnants thereof.

This brilliant birth and burst of stars was shrouded in dense nebulae of interstellar dust. Then the curtain of clouds departed and like a giant Christmas tree, lights and bright colors lit up the vast dark in a dazzling array of pulsating sparkles. This birth and nursery of stars and planets continues to this day; their number is like the grains of sand of the sea.

The gravitational pull of stars into various locations throughout the cosmos became billions of brilliant galaxies. And in one of these flat spiral galaxies was a medium but adequately sized star of optimal heat located in the right region halfway from the core of the galaxy to its outer galactic edge of spiral arms and with her orbit of precisely positioned planets and moons.

And on one of those planets—extraordinaire, perfect in size and shape, with the right depth of crust, the proper number of tectonic plates, and in the necessary exact distance from its star, perfect in orbit and temperature, and in the necessary exact distance from its large orbiting moon, God entered the universe!

He visited that empty desolate planet to create salty oceans to enable gentile rains, fresh liquid cool water, life-sustaining rich oxygen and nitrogen, green and brown vegetation, tiny microorganism, great sea and land creatures, and human life—life of both genders.

And into that crafted carcass of blood and bones, God blew his warm breath, his spirit; and man, made in the Imago Dei, became, like God, an eternal soul. A man. Amen.


About Wesselhoft, Paul

Retired U.S. Army (Airborne Ranger) Chaplain; State Representative, Oklahoma House of Representatives; Representative, Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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