Distorted Image (Women, Girls and Pornography)


Pornography is chauvinistic; and like rape, men invented it!  Pornography degrades women in the worst imaginable ways by humiliating women and girls and treating them as mere disposable objects of temporal gratification.  And it has nothing to do with love and commitment, fidelity and integrity, respect and tenderness.

Pornography is violent fantasy portrayed in various forms to include films, magazines, comic books, virtual reality games, and on the Internet, which is available to children.  Many libraries refuse to block hard-core porn sites from taxpayer purchased computers.  There will always be those who defend pornography (soft, hard or violent) as an art form or a First Amendment “right” of expression, that is, until it victimizes their mother, wife, or daughter.

Pornography exploits and dehumanizes sex.  Human beings, especially women, are treated as sex objects.  Pornography, in most cases, is preoccupied with the female anatomy; therefore, it denies humanness by fragmenting women into body parts without a mind and spirit.

Most pornography is preoccupied with female anatomy at the expense of personhood and the women’s soul, and it actually denies humanness by treating women as genitalia and reducing sex to the level of animal drive and copulation.  Pornography degrades women’s dignity, intelligence, political autonomy and personality.  It reinforces sexual stereotypes and promulgates a demeaning message about the role of women in society.  It causes men and even women to harshly compare women’s bodies with those of porn stars.

Pornography is also paradoxically anti sex.  Healthy sex is a human bonding between two people in love.  The Judeo-Christian scriptures speak of sex as making a man and a woman one flesh.  God invented sex and meant for it to flourish in a marital union. However, pornography actually robs sex of its intimacy and of its bonding mystery.  Pornography encourages (and has been the admitted reason for) physical abuse, sadomasochism, torture, incest, voyeurism, bestiality, necrophilia and humiliation of women and girls.

700,000 women and girls are sexually assaulted each year.  In our nation a woman or a girl is raped every 46 seconds.  By the time you read this article, two females will be raped.  One in three American girls will be sexually molested by age 18.

Studies state that 86% of rapists admitted viewing and reading pornography on a regular basis, and 56% of rapists admitted actual imitation of pornographic scenes in committing sex crimes.  Of 36 serial sex murderers interviewed by the FBI in 1985, 81% admitted using pornography.  One study concluded that violent sexual materials taught men to believe that women are responsible for preventing their own rape and that they should not resist a rape attack.  Pornography depicting “non-violent” rape sanctions “the rape myth” and places all girls and women at risk.

Pornography is not a victimless crime; its main target is girls and women!  Pornography promotes the victimization of women.  If you are a woman and fear being alone at night, or if you fear men’s attitudes are transformed by the images of pornography, you are already a victim of pornography.  Porn denies women’s civil rights and liberties by contributing to their harassment and subordination.

It is discouraging that few churches, synagogues and mosques are actively combating pornography, but it is shocking that feminist, and women’s organizations are so silent on an issue that attacks their very being!

No matter what your political or religious persuasion, this is a cause that must be fought first and foremost by women.  Let us hear from you.  Please join us in this winnable cultural war.



About Wesselhoft, Paul

Retired U.S. Army (Airborne Ranger) Chaplain; State Representative, Oklahoma House of Representatives; Representative, Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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