Children of Table 34


Wardell B. Pomeroy is the author of “Boys and Sex” and Girls and Sex.”  These are two so-called “children’s” books that are recommended by the American Library Association.

Pomeroy is co-author, with Alfred C. Kinsey, of “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.”  In this book, Kinsey and Pomeroy describe their experimentation with the sexual responses of babies and children.  It is shocking to learn how these scientist experimented on young children.

(The same reaction is generated when we learned that our government sponsored radiation experimentation on African Americans.)  Science absent of ethics is frightening.


AGE    NO. OF             TIME       AGE      NO. OF                 TIME

ORGASMS      INVOLVED                    ORGASMS           INVOLVED



5 mon.          3                       ?                       11 yrs.        11                          1hr.

11 mon       10                      1 hr.                   11 yrs.        19                          1 hr.

11 mon.       14                     38 min.               12 yrs.         7                           3 hrs.

7                        9 min.                                  3                           3 min.

2 yrs.         11                      65 min.               12 yrs.         9                           2 hrs.

2.5 yrs.          4                        2 min.               12 yrs.       12                          2 hrs.

4 yrs.          6                        5 min.               12 yrs.        15                         1 hr.

4 yrs.        17                       10 hrs.                13 yrs.         7                        24 min.

4 yrs.        26                        24 hrs.               13 yrs.         8                        2.5 hrs.

7 yrs.          7                          3 hrs.               13 yrs.        9                           8 hrs.

8 yrs.          8                          2 hrs.                                  3                          70 sec.

9 yrs           7                         68 min.             13 yrs.      11                            8 hrs.

10                 9                         52 min.                               26                        24 hrs.

10               14                         24 hrs.               14 yrs.      11                           4 hrs.


Table 34.  Examples of multiple orgasms in pre-adolescent males.  Some instances of higher frequencies.

In table 34 (page 180), these scientists reveal, what many of us to be, criminal experimentation on 28 babies and children. This was done in the name of science.

When one reads table 34 and realizes that a five month old baby was sexually stimulated to orgasms and a four year old child was sexually stimulated to multiple orgasms, a moral person knows that child sexual abuse, in the name of science, was perpetrated.

Table 34 poses at least three disturbing questions: Who are the children of Table 34?  How were they chosen for experimentation?  Where are they now?

Pomeroy and Kinsey have had a major impact on sex education in schools and probably excited and influenced a generation of pedophiles.

In “Boys and Sex” (p.162), Pomeroy says, without moral criticism, that there are “boys who build up a strong emotional attachment to a particular animal and have intercourse with it whenever possible.”

This “children’s” book is in the youth section (age 11) of our library.  Any ageed child can read or check out Pomerey’s book without parental knowledge, as well as other sexually explicit “children’s” books.  I am not referring here to any adult materials, only books that are classified as children’s books.  These so-called “children’s” books are age inappropriate.  They should not have been classified as children’s books in the first place.

There is a definite agenda and a strategic goal behind these sexually explicit “children’s” books.  Their authors are trying to pre-sexualize minors and undermine parents authority on sex morals for their children.

They do this because they are elitist.  They consider themselves enlightened.  They want to fashion a society that has little or no sexual restraint. Unfortunately, their influence is strongly felt today; it will be felt into the future.






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Retired U.S. Army (Airborne Ranger) Chaplain; State Representative, Oklahoma House of Representatives; Representative, Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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