Frankenstein Canine


Frankenstein Canine

Patricia Poteet, a substitute letter carrier walks door-to-door to deliver mail. Saundra hears the screechy mailbox lid swing up and tap the aluminum siding of her middle-class house.  Eager to retrieve the day’s mail, the young teen opens the front door just as the mail lady walks down the porch steps.

Brutus, a loving and gentle-mannered pet, charges through the door, attacks the letter carrier, and clamps his wide powerful jaws into the flesh of the petite woman’s thigh.

Terrified, Patricia screams. Saundra calls off her dog but to no avail.   Patricia drags the 85-pound purebred through the yard and into the yard next door.  A red hunk of her flesh tears away allowing her to escape into the neighbor’s parked Volkswagen.

Patricia slams the car door shut just as the bloody-mouthed dog jumps halfway into the open window.  She slugs the dog’s head but he snaps and shreds the skin of her hand, loses his balance, and falls to the ground.  Patricia rolls the window up just before the he salivating creature charges again and smashes his   angry face against the window, leaving a streak of blood smeared on the glass.

The vicious, squint-eyed creature slams his large head and massive muscular body repeatedly against the small car, shaking it slightly.   Frustrated, Brutus punctures the car’s tire with his long teeth.

As the air hisses, Patricia thanks God that she is alive and collapses into the seat.

The next day the local newspaper reported the event with comment:

“Every instinct in this creature was bred for over three-hundred years, not just to injure but, to take down its prey and kill it. In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein scientifically engineered a loving and gentle creature who snapped and became a monster.  The creator pressed his skills too far; he stepped over some ill-defined line and broke a moral law. Intentionally or unintentionally, so have the breeders of the infamous fighting breed—the Pit Bull.”

A Frankenstein Canine now lives among us!


A dog should be a “man’s best friend,” not his worst enemy. Breeders and owners repeatedly defend and rationalize for their notorious breed. For them it is never, never, never the dog’s fault; it is either the victim’s fault, the victim’s parents, the owners fault or fault of the media for picking on their “innocent” breed. Sometimes they are correct; but more often they simply will not face brute reality—it is in the very nature and breeding of this creature to draw blood and kill. Period.

Killing—It is more nature than nurture. We are not shocked when a Pointer points, a Retriever retrieves, a Setter sets or a Bluetick Hound hunts. Why then are we shocked when a pit bull bites, brakes bones, and brutally kills canines and kids?

Breeders and gamblers for hundreds of years have bred only the winners, that is, the survivors of organized dog fights to improve this breed’s linage. If the loosing pit bull lives through the fight, breeders will often shoot it rather than pollute the macho breed with a loser. Not only is the pit bull a victimizer, but a victim itself of cruel entertainment.

The pit bull is exotic animal created not by God or nature, but by man and for his twisted amusement. Or if one believes that dogs evolved from wolves and it is in our interest to breed for a more domesticated dog, then pit bull breeders have intentionally reversed the evolutionary direction in order to return to a wolf-dog state. They now have given the world, an aberration, a master fighter, a super wolf-dog—the pit bull.

Even though the pit bull virtually leads every dog in number of reported vicious bites; (and near fatal attacks) it is not the frequency of the bite; it is the nature of the bite. When this land shark chomps and clamps its powerful jaws into a canine neck or onto a human limb, its breeding, its genetics, its vary nature and immediate goal is to take down its prey and kill it. It has no choice; it is a prisoner of its genetic code.

Empirical evidence proves that the pit bull has killed and severely disfigured more people (especially children and the elderly) by far than any other breed. The pit bull is a time bomb. Various circumstances can set this lethal weapon off—a bitch dog in heat, a territorial issue with another animal, a strange smell, a loud noise, a perceived threat or any number of things to include a complete mystery. Simply stated, this breed cannot be trusted; it is an unpredictable animal as even many of its devoted owners have found to their determent or fatal realization.

On June 12, 2005, Cody Yelton lost his arm to the locked jaws of a Pit Bull dog. His three-year-old life will forever be altered. Unlike numerous children annually in our nation who are brutally savaged by the Pit Bull, Cody lives!

However, such terror and near tragedy could have been prevented if Oklahoma had a strong law outlawing the pit bull breed. I have authored such a bill; and the boy’s distraught parents are pleased to have this legislation named in honor of their son—The Cody Yelton Act.


About Wesselhoft, Paul

Retired U.S. Army (Airborne Ranger) Chaplain; State Representative, Oklahoma House of Representatives; Representative, Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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